There are so many fun ideas for a January party and lots right here that I bet you haven’t thought of yet. The silly season is over; however, if you’re still looking for some unique themes for parties in January, then read on.

If you’re a January birthday, you probably already know you’re not throwing a pool party for your birthday … unless your best friends are penguins. But there are plenty of ways to celebrate a winter birthday and still have a blast. Not sure where to start? Check out this list of January birthday party themes.

1. Penguin Party

Everyone can agree that penguins are extremely adorable and make a pretty cute theme for a winter birthday celebration. The little wobbly winged creatures won’t disappoint when it comes to party activities, either. Make little penguins out of marshmallows or craft fun lookalike poppers from paper cups.

2. Red Party

January’s birthstone is garnet, so it only makes sense to throw a red-themed birthday bash highlighting the precious gem. For this party, you’ll want everything to be RED! We’re talking red balloons, red place settings, and all red attire. You can also make some homemade edible gemstones to represent the different birthstones throughout the year.

3. Frozen Party

Spend the day in your best coronation dress crafting snow globes and having an indoor snowball fight, all while sipping on hot chocolate. Make the memories from the party last even longer with a Frozen-themed photo booth.

4. Polar Bear Party

Have a little one who’s obsessed with polar bears? Throw them a polar bear-themed party to celebrate their special day! Play polar bear-themed games and make beary adorable polar bear crafts. The birthday celebration would not be complete without a polar bear cake.

5. Hot Chocolate Party

If you have a chocolate-loving kid, a hot chocolate party is going to be right up their alley. Plan a day full of chocolate activities such as making hot chocolate on a stick and painting hot cocoa mugs. The party wouldn’t be complete without a hot chocolate bar, a hot chocolate charioteer board, and of course, a hot chocolate cake. You’ll be in a happy chocolate coma by the end of this party.


  • Winter Olympics Potluck
  • Russian Rave
  • Sunday Fun day Brunch
  • Aspen Extreme
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Mad Men’ Viewing Party
  • Disco Inferno
  • Mexican Fiesta
  • Ladies’ Night Rom-Com Marathon
  • Sherlock Holmes’ birthday
  • Murder Mystery Game Night



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